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1. untune  (verb) 
cause to be out of tune; "Don''t untune that string!"

  More Generic:
    change     alter     modify

  Opposite of:
    tune     tune up

2. untune  (verb) 
cause to lose one''s composure

  Also known as: upset, discompose, disconcert, discomfit

  More Specific:
faze / unnerve / enervate / unsettle - disturb the composure of
dissolve - cause to lose control emotionally
bewilder / bemuse / discombobulate / throw - cause to be confused emotionally
embarrass / abash - cause to be embarrassed
pain / anguish / hurt - cause emotional anguish or make miserable
afflict - cause great unhappiness for

  More Generic:
    arouse     elicit     enkindle     kindle     evoke     fire     raise     provoke


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