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1. optical instrument  (noun) 
an instrument designed to aid vision

  More Specific:
binocular / binoculars / field glasses / opera glasses - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes
esophagoscope / oesophagoscope - an optical instrument for examining the inside of the esophagus
jeweler's glass - an optical instrument used by jewelers
periscope - an optical instrument that provides a view of an otherwise obstructed field
projector - an optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen
sight - a optical instrument for aiding the eye in aiming, as on a firearm or surveying instrument
spectacles / specs / eyeglasses / glasses - optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision
spectroscope / prism spectroscope - an optical instrument for spectrographic analysis

  More Generic:


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