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1. guest  (noun) 
(computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network

  Also known as: node, client

    computer science / computing

  Part Meronym:
    computer network

  More Generic:
    computer     computing machine     computing device     data processor     electronic computer     information processing system

2. guest  (noun) 
a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

  Also known as: invitee

  More Specific:
guest of honor - the person in whose honor a gathering is held
house guest / houseguest - a guest entertained in your house
wedding guest - a guest at a wedding

  More Generic:
    visitor     visitant

3. guest  (noun) 
a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc.

  More Specific:
no-show - a guest who fails to notify a hotel or restaurant when canceling a reservation
overnighter - a guest who stays overnight

  More Generic:
    customer     client

4. Guest  (noun) 
United States journalist (born in England) noted for his syndicated homey verse (1881-1959)

  Also known as: Edgar Guest, Edgar Albert Guest

  More Generic:


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