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1. dwarf  (noun) 
a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure

  Also known as: gnome

  More Specific:
Nibelung - (German mythology) any of the race of dwarfs who possessed a treasure hoard that was stolen by Siegfried
Andvari - (Norse mythology) a dwarf who possessed a treasure that was stolen by Loki

  More Generic:
    fairy     faery     faerie     sprite

2. dwarf  (noun) 
a person who is abnormally small

  Also known as: midget, nanus

  More Specific:
primordial dwarf / hypoplastic dwarf / true dwarf / normal dwarf - a dwarf whose small size is the result of a genetic defect in response to growth hormone

  More Generic:
    small person

3. dwarf  (verb) 
check the growth of; "the lack of sunlight dwarfed these pines"

  More Generic:

4. dwarf  (verb) 
make appear small by comparison; "This year''s debt dwarves that of last year"

  Also known as: shadow, overshadow

  More Generic:
    dominate     command     overlook     overtop


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