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1. caltrop  (noun) 
Mediterranean annual or biennial herb having pinkish to purple flowers surrounded by spine-tipped scales; naturalized in America

  More Generic:

2. caltrop  (noun) 
a plant of the genus Trapa bearing spiny four-pronged edible nutlike fruits

  More Specific:
water caltrop / Jesuits' nut / Trapa natans - a variety of water chestnut
ling / ling ko / Trapa bicornis - water chestnut whose spiny fruit has two rather than 4 prongs

  Member Meronym:
    Trapa     genus Trapa

  More Generic:
    aquatic plant     water plant     hydrophyte     hydrophytic plant

3. caltrop  (noun) 
tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets; serious pasture weed

  Also known as: devil's weed, Tribulus terestris

  Member Meronym:
    Tribulus     genus Tribulus

  More Generic:
    subshrub     suffrutex


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