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1. burn  (noun) 
damage inflicted by burning

  More Specific:
scald - the act of burning with steam or hot water

  More Generic:
    damage     harm     hurt     scathe

2. burn  (noun) 
a burned place or area

  Also known as: burn mark

  More Specific:
cigarette burn - a burn mark left by a smoldering cigarette

  More Generic:
    blemish     defect     mar

3. burn  (noun) 
an injury cause by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation

  More Specific:
electric burn - a burn caused by heat produced by an electric current
scorch / singe - a surface burn
scald - a burn cause by hot liquid or steam
first-degree burn - burn causing redness of the skin surface
second-degree burn - burn causing blisters on the skin and superficial destruction of the dermis
third-degree burn - burn characterized by destruction of both epidermis and dermis

  More Generic:
    injury     hurt     harm     trauma

4. burn  (noun) 
a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun

  Also known as: tan, suntan, sunburn

  More Generic:

5. burn  (noun) 
pain that feels hot as if it were on fire

  Also known as: burning

  More Generic:
    pain     hurting

6. burn  (verb) 
get a sunburn by overexposure to the sun

  Also known as: sunburn

  More Generic:
    discolor     discolour     colour     color

7. burn  (verb) 
burn with heat, fire, or radiation; "The iron burnt a hole in my dress"

  More Specific:
scald - burn with a hot liquid or steam
char / blacken / scorch - burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color

  More Generic:

8. burn  (verb) 
burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent; "The surgeon cauterized the wart"

  Also known as: cauterize, cauterise

    sear     scorch

  More Generic:
    treat     care for

9. burn  (verb) 
undergo combustion; "Maple wood burns well"

  Also known as: combust

  More Specific:
burn down / burn up / go up - burn completely
smolder / smoulder - burn slowly and without a flame
scorch / sear / singe - become superficially burned
deflagrate - burn with great heat and intense light
flame - be in flames or aflame
flare / flame up / blaze up / burn up - burn brightly
blaze - burn brightly and intensely

  More Generic:
    change state     turn

  Verb Group:
    burn     fire     burn down

10. burn  (verb) 
cause to undergo combustion; "burn garbage"; "The car burns only Diesel oil"

  Also known as: incinerate

  More Generic:
    change integrity

  Verb Group:
    incinerate     burn     fire     burn down

11. burn  (verb) 
destroy by fire; "They burned the house and his diaries"

  Also known as: fire, burn down

  More Specific:
backfire - set a controlled fire to halt an advancing forest to prairie fire
cremate - reduce to ashes
torch - burn maliciously, as by arson
scorch - destroy completely by or as if by fire

  More Generic:
    destroy     ruin

  Verb Group:
    burn     combust     burn     incinerate

12. burn  (verb) 
use up (energy); "burn off calories through vigorous exercise"

  Also known as: burn off, burn up

  More Generic:
    consume     eat up     use up     eat     deplete     exhaust     run through     wipe out

13. burn  (verb) 
create by duplicating data; "cut a disk"; "burn a CD"

  Also known as: cut

  More Generic:
    produce     make     create

  Verb Group:

14. burn  (verb) 
feel strong emotion, especially anger or passion; "She was burning with anger"; "He was burning to try out his new skies"

  More Generic:
    feel     experience

15. burn  (verb) 
cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "The sun burned his face"

  Also known as: bite, sting

  More Specific:
nettle / urticate - sting with or as with nettles and cause a stinging pain or sensation

  More Generic:
    ache     smart     hurt

  Verb Group:

16. burn  (verb) 
feel hot or painful; "My eyes are burning"

  More Generic:
    ache     smart     hurt

  Verb Group:
    bite     sting     burn

17. burn  (verb) 
spend (significant amounts of money); "He has money to burn"

  More Generic:
    waste     blow     squander

18. burn  (verb) 
burn at the stake; "Witches were burned in Salem"

    burn     fire     burn down

  More Generic:
    execute     put to death

19. burn  (verb) 
cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"

  Also known as: combust


  More Specific:
ignite / light - cause to start burning
set ablaze / set aflame / set on fire / set afire - set fire to
char / coal - burn to charcoal
deflagrate - cause to burn rapidly and with great intensity

  Verb Group:
    erupt     ignite     catch fire     take fire     combust     conflagrate

20. burn  (verb) 
shine intensely, as if with heat; "The coals were glowing in the dark"; "The candles were burning"

  Also known as: glow

  More Specific:
gutter - burn unsteadily, feebly, or low

  More Generic:
    shine     beam


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